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Some days are harder than others. And some days are so hard that the temptation to say something about it on social media is much harder to resist. Some days are so wonderful you just have to post a photo. Some people do something so stupid you have to let the whole world know how much you can’t stand such and such. The question, however, is whether or not social media is the place for those thoughts and pictures. Here’s the scoop. Employers and college recruiters are relying more and more on an applicant’s social media presence to tell them what they want to know about someone. People have lost their jobs, scholarships, credibility and opportunities from a thoughtless post or picture on social media. On the flip side, many have gained position and opportunity from their social media posts. Social media is merely a tool,

and it is up to you to determine how you use it. On those hard days though, when the temptation is up and the adrenaline is coursing through your body and you can’t really make a clear decision about whether or not to post something, having a reputation manager can be helpful.

I have ID Shield, and I love it. It was a great help this weekend when my husband and I saw an account on our credit we did not recognize. It was an excellent tool when I had a charge to my credit that wasn’t mine or when there was an incorrect social security number connected to my credit card. It has provided peace of mind that I don’t have to fight for my own identity. Someone else is literally being paid to do it for me.

But, there is one more feature of ID Shield that often gets overlooked and which holds it head and shoulders above the top competitors like Lifelock and ID Watchdog-reputation management. See, your identity is not just your social security number or your date of birth. It is who you are and your reputation. When you post something racist, sexist, hateful, or just too personal on social media, you are threatening your own reputation.

Yuri Wright was a football star with a full ride scholarship to wherever he wanted to go to college. One racist social media post later and he is just the guy who had a scholarship and wasted it for the joy of doing something stupid on social media. Don’t be the person who does that to themselves. Have something in place to protect you against your not-so-intelligent moments. ID Shield has a system in place that monitors connected social media accounts for words, phrases, or information that could damage your reputation. Yuri Wright’s comment would have been flagged for being racist. Articles that you repost that involve less than exemplary topics will be flagged. In addition, ID Shield monitors for information on your social media page that

could be used to steal your identity. All a seasoned identity thief needs to steal the first five digits of your social security number is a date of birth and hometown, both of which you put on your Facebook page. Passwords are often made from words on your social media page- pets’ names, birthdays, spouse’s name, hometowns. ID Shield will flag this information and let you know that you have too much personal data on your social media page.

The question used to be whether or not you needed some kind of ID protection. The question now is which one you have. The increases in identity theft and the increase in the number of social media platforms calls for an increase in the amount of identity and reputation management needed. The problem now is bigger than we are and needs to be dealt with by someone with the power to actually solve the problem. That is why I have ID Shield, and why I will encourage everyone I know to use it.

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