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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Good morning Friends!

We have some very exciting updates on what has been going on at TBG Solutions. First of all, it is August, and the insanity has begun. We are going to over 40 schools and businesses to talk about LegalShield and/or train on social media and active shooter response. This week, we will have the opportunity to impact 15 schools.

We have just published our second book, entitled The Digital You. While our last book, BeSafe in Cyber Space, focused heavily on just how to function on social media as a general overview, the new book, will dive deeper into how to use social media well. It focuses on some serious social media issues, like its connection to depression and anxiety as well as provides some solutions. We explain the differences between positive and negative reinforcement (it’s not as simple as you think). We discuss the power of positive expectations from a social media perspective. We are rolling that out as we speak. It will be introduced at our schools this month for sale for $15. As of now the plan is to post it on Amazon for sale, but that is on hold until August is over.

We are excited to introduce Danielle Oliver to the team as an administrative assistant. She will be calling our schools and businesses to schedule LegalShield updates and training.

For years we have trained on active shooter response, but just in case you think you have heard it all before, we have revamped that presentation. It is so much more interactive now, with lots of activities and new stories. We have a great new training on vaping, and we are in the process of building 5-10 new sessions. Below is a list of trainings in the works currently.

Teacher Ethics Training (Teacher-Student relationships)

Vaping for Teachers

Revamped D.A.V.E. (Drugs, Alcohol, Vaping, and E-Cigs)

Behavior and Risk Analysis

Lost Connections (Depression)

Sex Trafficking

Educator Social Media (how to properly communicate with students and parents)

We are also excited to begin a total makeover on the TBG Proactive subscription. Up to this point, Proactive has been a PDF file sent to the school superintendent, and it gave a little too much extra to the teacher. The new Proactive will be a book-based curriculum. All the teachers will have to do is make copies of the worksheets in the book and assign them as homework. Each grade will cover a different topic that TBG trains on. We will begin with the high school curriculum and work our way down to elementary school level.

So in case you think you have seen it all, hold on to your seatbelts and enjoy these great new updates!

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