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Social Liability

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I have coined a new term: Social Liability. We have all been watching as the world tears itself apart over differing views, evidence, and feelings. I have worked in the industry of social liability for many years, training staff of businesses and school on how to avoid social liability. Every day we see people fired, disgraced, killed even over their personal views, opinions, and actions aired on social media. This has become a national phenomenon where people are, for lack of a better word, strung-up because their personal views differ from the masses and those who are yelling the loudest.

People across the globe, but Americans especially, have this bizarre idea that they can say whatever they want or feel without any consequences. They suppose that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the various speech protections provided by governments all over the world somehow protect their speech from punishment. This is a wildly misinformed position to take on the matter of speech.

From the CEO of CrossFit getting fired over silence to the worldwide disgrace of Justine Sacco after her tiny twitter following spread her racist tweet like wildfire across the globe, we are seeing the evidence of Social Liability. Even in our small personal group of connections on Instagram and Facebook, there are lynchings of our fellow man, people we would call friends, all because of mere silence or a slightly differing opinion on a problem or solution.

We have a social liability to speak up on particular topics and to stay silent when we disagree with the loudest group of minorities. We all have a voice. We all have a right to our opinions, but we must be willing to accept the social liability that comes with that right.

By Daniel Seguin

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