A Murderous Vendetta

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

FBI Report:

“On January 9, 2001, at 12:00 p.m., the shooter (name removed by author) fatally shot his estranged wife at a convenience store they owned in Houston, Texas. Armed with two handguns, he then drove to the nearby Amko Trading Store and continued shooting. Four people were killed; no one was wounded. The shooter committed suicide when police arrived after being flagged down by a citizen.”

January 9, 2001. Lunchtime. One man with a vendetta against his wife and a man he believes to be having an affair with her. A man who decided that the best way to solve his problems was to kill them, literally. He walked into the convenience store he owned with his wife, shot her, and stashed her body in the freezer, where police found her hours later.

He was not finished, however. If it had ended there, it would have been a case of domestic violence rather than an active shooter case. Instead, he went down the street to Amko Trading, the store owned by the man he accused of sleeping with his wife, where he shot and killed three others. When police arrived, he had a thirty minutes standoff before he turned the gun on himself. He died later in the hospital.

In the most recent definition of an active shooter event, the victims are randomly selected. There may be a vendetta against the institution, but not against particular people necessarily. According to this definition, the situation at Amko Trading only loosely qualifies as an active shooter incident. Regardless, there are things we can learn from an analysis.


One of the employees told CBS News "When I heard the shots I got out and ran. I was very scared." This is exactly the response he should have had, and he survived. We do not know for sure if the shooter would have tried to kill him, but he did not know that either. It is always safer to run. Don’t stop and question the shooter’s vendetta or motivations- just run.


There were no details in this case of people hiding; however, there were 8 other people in the building, and none of them were hurt. It is probable that they either ran out of the building or hid themselves.


Fighting did not occur in this case.

Red Flags-

1. The storeowner’s attorney said that the shooter had been behaving strangely. He was accusing the storeowner of having an affair with his wife, on mere suspicions. This should have sent up a red flag to put a restraining order on this person or to be wary of him.

2. The man came into the store with two pistols in his hands. RED FLAG! Pay attention to these things. If someone comes into a store with a handgun, he most likely intends to use it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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